Slogan: A Fighters' Nation

Meaning of the word Pugilist: (pew-juh-list) The practice of boxing or fighting with the fists; Boxer or Fighter.

Mission Statement: To join people from around the world, not just pugilists, that are fighting for a cause, a victory, a championship; To uplift and encourage them to stay strong to achieve their goals.

Although PUGILIST® services fighters of all ages, enthusiasts who train in the Sweet Science of Pugilism as well as spectators of the sport; The PUGILIST® brand caters mainly to the amazing amateurs who are the leaders and future in the world of pugilism. PUGILIST® Competition gloves boast the approval of the USA Boxing Organization, in addition PUGILIST® offers well constructed training gloves designed with the amateur in mind.

The Art of Pugilism is a disciplined sport that requires not only skill and talent but Persistence, Endurance and Commitment and many long hours in the gym. Flashy color gloves and headgear doesn't guarantee a win, not always does hard work guarantee a win, but practicing and studying this sport consistently will lead to many victories along the way. This is a sport where dressing flashy and looking pretty in the ring really doesn't matter; Once you are in the ring, all you have is your heart in your hands and hopefully its strong enough to carry you to a victory.There was a famous pugilist, who once said, “Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.”Muhammad Ali.

PUGILIST® encourages amateurs to stay focused in school, and study hard. PUGILIST® will offer a scholarship in April to a senior level high school student who has achieved academic excellence. Checkout PUGILIST® wristbands to see how your purchase will help a High School Senior receive scholarship funds to assist with college expenses. We believe that while you are on that road to a victory, feed your brain with knowledge, for KNOWLEDGE is POWER!

Persistence, Endurance and Commitment. Whatever Your Fight. PUGILIST®